Our Story

Located in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, Yūimu opened its doors to those looking for fine dining in artisan Japanese cuisine.

By the logo itself, 本 (Hon) means “book”, “origin” or “main”. In Chinese, from the writing of 本,
has a beautiful meaning of “有⼀⽊” which sounds like ” Yūimu”, where the name comes from.

Yūimu, is given new meaning at Yūimu Japanese Restaurant, as it reinterprets fantasy and dream of the cozy space with modern interiors and design, and also with the classic Japanese dishes with a modern, and yes, beautiful, new and tasty twist.

The wide range of culinary delights including:

The culinary relies on a handful of basic ingredients and practices that bring the culinary to bear in a wide range of dishes where nearly every morsel of every meal is unforgettably delicious.

Whether you want to entertain your business client, relax after a hard day’s work, or have a night on the town, Yūimu offers a casual, yet elegant dining experience.

You can enjoy your intimate omakase experience at the 2nd floor, where you can sit by the counter in the thick of action. There, you get a front-row seat of your meal prepared before your very eyes and the skill and care taken by our Omakase chef to serve you.

Aside from omakase, you can experience yakimono – a variety of Japanese dishes that are either grilled or pan-fried. Fish, shellfish, vegetables, or meat are some of the most common foods that get prepared in such a way.

Yakimono are made to order. They arrive at your table hot from the grill. You can either eat it straight from the stick or use your chopsticks to remove the meat or vegetables.

Order yakimono with your drink, and then order a few more with another drink. Repeat until full.

Every dish we offer has been carefully considered by our head chef. This is how we make sure that everyone can feel welcomed at Yūimu.