Our Chef

He was born into an environment surrounding love and respect for food and his enthusiasm for food makes him full of creative inspiration.

He has blended his experience in Japan, Bahamas and Singapore and created the unique and special Yūimu experience.

Firstly, Kelvin Wan took the time to hone his technical skills and cultivate his knowledge of traditional cuisine at some of Japan’s most highly respected Japanese restaurants.

His menu consisted of a variety of Japanese dishes.
For his experience most beloved signature dish was the Ebi Uniyaki:
deep-sea prawns, grilled to orange-gold perfection,
served with specially made uni (sea urchin) paste.

Later, he was invited to Singapore and worked in a traditional Japanese restaurant, focusing on omakase meals.

At Omakase, Kelvin Wan showcases traditional, exquisite fare using the finest ingredients and the freshest, highest quality fish directly from the fresh market. His knowledge and passion towards food is reflected in every dish he creates. He crafts outstandingly unique takes on beloved Japanese dishes. Each of his creations is carefully placed on an exquisite plate and the aesthetics are nothing short of stunning.

Additionally, Kelvin Wan frequently visits Japan to gain inspiration and stage at top local restaurants to gain first-hand expert knowledge of the latest trends.

Take a deep dive into

Kelvin Wan’s Japanese culinary

with us in Yūimu